Artist Management

Rockin’ Hot Mama Agency offers artist management services to the music- and entertainment performers. We manufacture our management services personally customized to every customers. Management services contains artist’s contract making for example between artist and record label or venue. We can offer also consulting to artists, making contracts to themselves. Consulting and contract making can concern also tv-appearances or different kind of promotional cases.

The most important mission to manager is to support artist’s career as a performing artist. RHM Agency can along with work as a manager take care of artist’s marketing. With our cooperation partner, artist can also order its own web page. We can launch to artist suitable channels to social media or create content to existing ones. Service includes also different kind of promotional tasks, for example taking care of media releasing and contacting to media.

Management contract between Rockin’ Hot Mama Agency and artist can be made for a fixed-period,  as long as artist wishes. Promotion and management advances artist’s visibility and makes gigs easier to sell.

RHM Agency has working experience as an artist manager for example of Remu Aaltonen. Every customer gets intimate, educated and experienced manager for themselves!

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