Bloodlands is a hardcore/metal-band that was started in 2012 in Helsinki.

Band members have a long history with other bands (e.g. Ratface, No One Is Safe). The vision of the band has been clear from the beginning: to combine the best elements from metal hardcore and death metal.

The band started doing gigs in 2013. In the year 2014 the band published themselves “Nihilistic Dimension”-full-length album. The edition of the album has already been sold out and the reception has been good. The album was also noted in metal medias (e.g. Inferno 4/5, Imperiumi 7+).

In summer 2015 Aggressive Sportswear Records published a 7 inch Bloodlands/Cross To Bear –release to where both bands published two new songs. This far the band has been performing in Finland, Estonia and Denmark. They have been performing with e.g. 100 Demons (USA), Born From Pain (NL), Lighthouse Project, Tukkanuotta and Kataplexia.





Tanja Uusitalo
+358 400 65 72 76

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