J. Kiesi Grandes

J. Kiesi Grandes is rock band who sings in Finnish and comes from Helsinki or Karelia, depends on how you look at it. The song lyrics, which have been written and composed by Jukka Kiesi, tell about world view from the eyes of an underdog. Money, cars and women are not the main subjects in songs. Musically, J. Kiesi Grandes’ music travels from traditional Finnish songwriting to all the way to Britain and America where rock music was born.

The band started in 2012 as a trio when Kiesi got sick of playing his songs all alone acoustic and the songs he made demanded more players. Besides Jukka Kiesi, band consists of Anssi Soininen (drums), Naku Piirainen (bass) and Kassu Kapanen (guitar), who joined the band in the autumn 2014.

J. Kiesi Grandes published its first album in 2013 by Airiston Punk-records. In the end of 2015 they also published a 7” single, Pallo.




Tanja Uusitalo
+358 400 65 72 76

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