The Rack Doll

The Rack Doll published their two first singles in 2013 and the plan was to publish their debut album as soon as possible. But life doesn’t always go as planned and the singer, Minna Ora, got diagnosed with breast cancer and the plans had to be changed.

They went through hard cancer treatments and worked with their new album in Studio Black Moon, in Salo, as much as it was possible.

Since the treatments paid off, “Hot City” album got recorded and it was published in 15th of May 2015. Hurriganes-cover song can be found on the album but there are also lots of band’s own songs.

Now The Rock Doll is confident about their future. On the gigs lots of their own material can be heard but there are also Hurriganes covers. Not the traditional Hurriganes songs though, but the more rare songs. It’s only rock’n roll, but we like it!

The band:

Minna Ora: Vocals / Guitar

Kari Ora: Guitar / Background vocals

Johnny Rocco: Bass / Vocals

Kai Schneider: Drums

Youtube: Red Hot Mama




Tanja Uusitalo
+358 400 65 72 76

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