The Winyls

The Winyls is a Finnish Indie rock-band that was formed in Helsinki. The band consists of brothers called Leady Winyl and James James, and their childhood friends HC Andersson, Pablo Spörre and Sheriff.

On the paper this band shouldn’t even rock: They are five classically educated players with a cello, a violin and a piano as instruments. But in live, they offer you a one of a kind audio visual magma-wave and once they got on stage, they give you such an electronic shock that you don’t even have time to say: “Olkiluoto 3”.

The Winyls is hard to put in a specific box. The band’s music is a mixture of different styles. Once in a while the band works with pure rock sound just to change the mood into a soft chill music. Just when you are feeling comfortable and relaxed – the next chorus will smash you straight into the wall! But before you even know it, again you are part of the partying and dancing family!

The band has been touring around in Britain, Russia, Germany, USA and Finland. And during their performances they have got the reputation of awesome live performers!

The Winyls has published three studio albums “Rock Motor” in 2005, “Honey & Lime” in 2008 and “Phantom of Our Soul” in 2010. Their last single “Back Beat” (2013) reached the first place on the Finland’s official download list.






Tanja Uusitalo
+358 400 65 72 76

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