You Can’t Keep Me Down

– On Break –

Like You Can’t Keep Me Down says: “All of us were already old friends before we even started the band. In the year of 2007 we had been listening to Bulldoze, 25 Ta Life and other stuff so we wanted to start doing something similar by ourselves too.

We are also heavy drinkers so we already had topics for lyrics: Thug life and drinking. Or as we called our first demo, “Brenkkuu ja kostoo” (booze and revenge).

We continued going down that line for a while but as you know, no party lasts forever. At some point our song topics started to get more depressed. More gloomy. So if you ask what kind of music we have been playing for a while, we just answer that depressed heavy metal. There was more or less of it on our 7” split with Third Man Down, it was full of it on our full album called “Cold Dark Mind” and it will be full of that on our next album.”



Tanja Uusitalo
+358 400 65 72 76

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