Rottanaama Bissebingo

Step aside granny bingo! Our fabulous and LMAO-funny bingo-hosts Erik and Turo raise the roof at parties while you’re playing bingo! Excitement, bingo fever, music, stand-up level jokes and raising our drinks for a toast! This all available in finnish, swedish and also in english if necessary!

Rottanaama Bissebingo (eng. Ratface Beer-bingo) was born in Karjaa, where Erik aka Lord of the Game started to arrange Beer-bingo nights at Club18-bar every wednesday. After 30 weeks of beer-bingo wednesdays Erik decided to bring the concept to Helsinki.

Soon Lord of the Games joined forces with MC Respektor from Rottanaama-club and so was born Rottanaama Bissebingo. Since then they have hosted over 150 different bingoevents in restaurants, festivals, fairs, concerts, cruises and private parties such as weddings and birthdays.