Manager's Forum Finland ry (MMF Finland)


Photographer expert since 2010. For example company, commercial, event and wedding photographs.

Websites for companies. With style and expertise.

Modern printing and branding services. Located in the center of Helsinki and online.

Adhesive advertising and neon signs for decades of experience. Merkas Oy is located in Helsinki, but area of operation is the whole Finland.

Decoration company which creates magical worlds and creative spaces using personalized and unique party decorations.

LiveFIN is a nationwide association of music events and their organizers.

Tiketti sells advanced tickets for Rockin' Hot Mama Agency's events.

Helsingin Viihdepelit

Finland's biggest event venue booking service. Besides venues they offer also experiences and activities.

Cultural centre Loukko is the place for gigs, clubs and meetings. Loukko opens its doors this spring in Helsinki.